Saturday, March 27, 2010


We have a visitor.  She is dark and loving.  She loves to see me and especially loves it when I rub her belly right in front of Cora.  Of course, I am speaking of Pepper, Cora's parent's dog.  They are on their yearly fishing expedition to wilder parts of some body of water.  I know they have a doggy life preserver, but apparently Pepper is not a sea dog.  She likes staying with us, though, and we like having her.

I got a call on my phone the other day.  I get to work maintenance for Spring Break.  I am glad for that, though it is a damn sight less exciting than going to some Mexican resort town to party it up...alas, I'll be here.

I think we might do some yard work if it's as nice as it has been.  We also need to clean house.  I also want to work on those paintings I mentioned a couple weeks ago.  It just seems there has been so much going on I can't keep track of where I am headed and where I have been.  Hopefully everything will see fit to fall into place and we will have a more peaceful week this coming week.

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