Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

Well, thus far, my luck in searching for the daily job search is unsuccessful.  Often, more often then not, actually, I have my job lined up well ahead of time.  Of course there are some days that seem to strain my patience.  On those days I stay up late and then get up extra early (today, 5am) just to sit in front of the computer and wait to find a job.  So, that is one of the down sides to being a substitute.  The other, of course, is a lack of employer provided benefits.    

Perhaps, I need a little of the luck of the Irish.  Many of my students have suggested my red beard is a sign of Irish heritage.  I have, in turn, suggested that they get back to work, and stop staring at my facial hair.  It seems my suggestions are often followed by chuckles and laughs, thereby creating more of an interruption than the original comment...damn my smart mouth.

I got my teeth cleaned yesterday.  It was relatively painless.  I did manage to sell several coloring books yesterday; two at the dentist.  I was amused to see one go to the Principal at one of the elementarys.  He assured me he was getting it for himself and no one else...I hope to see his efforts in our gallery!  It's so fun to see who buys them and why.  I had a student (I don't sell to students as a rule) demand one, and I relented only after she had admitted to going home and discussing it with her mother (Her mother told her it was her money).  II don't think she would have taken no for an answer, anyway.  Cora's grandmother bought one, expecting to give it to a child she knows, but ended up buying some crayons and working on it herself!  Now THAT's a compliment to the book.  I don't think my drawings are as accurate or as smoothly drawn as a computer can do, or creative as graphic artists, but maybe that's why people like them...they are real.  Whatever the reason, it makes me happy that my drawings are making so many other people happy!

So, this is St. Patrick's Day (as the title suggests) and I have an inkling of what we might be eating tonight...Corned beef!  And Cabbage...and Guinness.  Especially if I have the day off, though I would prefer not to, it would make boiling it for a couple hours much easier on dinner time.  The last few evenings we have looked at the clock in disbelief!  How can it be that late already?  Stupid daylight savings.

Well, I suppose I had better make a cup of coffee for those about to return to the land of the conscious...also, it's time to refill my own cup.  Don't forget to wear green.

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