Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Beckons, April Fools!

I bought some pansies with a $10.00 certificate to a local nursery that I got for my birthday because I agreed to get their e-mails.  I wanted something cool, but it's still too cold for things that are cool.  hmmm, let's take a look at that sentence...maybe what I mean is "I wanted something really nifty, but it is too cold at night for us to get anything that is...nifty."  I accidentally left them in my truck the night before last.  All day.  I got home yesterday and put them on the porch, planning to put them inside before it got dark.  I forgot.

This morning they looked like little frozen flower sticks.  I figured they were goners.  When I got home they looked fine, as though the moisture in their tissues had never frozen solid.  Weird.  They must have anti-freeze!

I had a decent day at work.  I finished up the furniture...thank goodness.  I have a plumbing issue that was given to me to work on tomorrow...I think because it is a simple affair, if it weren't, I'd be asking for advice on swimming or how to stop a flood.  Still, I enjoy a challenge.

It was a beautiful, shiny, happy, clear blue day.  I enjoyed it, but I fear we may be in for worse things this weekend.  I guess we are supposed to get rain, so much for the sunlight.

On a really, really bright note, I texted my father this afternoon and explained that Mt. St. Helens had just suffered a minor eruption.  I could see the ash plume from our area, but wondered what they could see down in the valley.  I followed it with a short description in my next text:  "It is tall and gray and April Fools Day."   He messaged me back awhile later saying he had his hand on the door knob before he remembered what today was and he checked the second message.

I don't think I have gotten anyone on April Fools since college, when I lead up to April Fools Day by hinting to my parents that Cora was sick in the mornings, that Cora had a doctor's appointment.  Then we called them on April First.  It worked, too.  I imagine it seems to have back fired on us, though.

Oh, well.  It was funny, huh?

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Grandma L said...

That's pretty funny. Deena has called me every april 1st since she was about 16 to tell me she is pregnant. I think she caught me off guard a couple times, but I finally learned. She didn't call this year, maybe she really is pg.