Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little House Meets Mrs. Clean!

Yesterday, I spent the day fixing the piece of equipment that broke on Friday. I had to go to town, get some angle iron, some wood, and a couple eye bolts. Then I came back and had to drill holes in the angle iron and wood. I probably ruined one or two bits before I thought to pour water on it to keep it cool. I even spot welded the eye bolts so the nut would not come off. Then I put the contraption together, adding a 2X4 to the back side to prevent what happened last Friday. Over-all, I think my repair was a nice piece of handy work. What was nice is hardly anyone was there and I could putter around the shop without interruption.

I finished it and then took it over and put it back on the piece of equipment. I then sat on the tractor for the remainder of the day. It, with a 100 degree blast furnace searing down on me, combined with the dust I stirred up, was not the most ideal type of work to do yesterday.

When I got home, I found a clean house. It was not those fabled house cleaning elves that had finally shown up, even though I have left honey and acorns out for them, instead, my sister-in-law had come up to help Cora clean house. I believe she is the only one of the family that got the clean gene. The two of them worked hard to deep clean the house yesterday, and it looks wonderful! I cannot stress too much that they did a fabulous job. Cora and I have attempted to clean before, but it had never looked this good! Emily, you are the best! Thank you!

And now for the off the wall picture of the day:

this is of Cora in the C-119 at Castle AFB Museum. Note B-36 in background.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought Emily was very special person. You are very lucky to have a sis like her. But you do under rate yourselves too because I have never thought your home was very messy. I do wonder if she could be hired to help me though...love you mom Oh, does this make me first to respond??? HA HA HA

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Glad your house is clean... but I am sure it was never messy to begin with ...
LOVE the picture of Cora..
Have a Great evening..

Anonymous said...

hey i wish they would come and help me clean i aint got that gene!!!