Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday is like a Dentist Apointment

Ok, so I had a dental appointment today, still, Mondays have not ever been my favorite day. I used a weed whacker and whacked some weeds today. I ran out of twine twice and gas twice, too. I cursed the stupid weed whacker each time. The weede whacker was not to blame, but, as machines go, weed whackers are not the brightest and so it took the verbal lashing stoically. I, however, was green by the end of my tenure with the stupid thing. My pants bore the brunt of the chlorophyllic covering. I used a broom to wipe off the majority of it, but the jeans I wore today will bear the stains of the plant lives I took for several weeks until Tide washes it away...which is a bit of an untruth, since we use an All derivitive(Costco brand).

I came home at lunch and got showered for my appointment with the dentist. The dental hygeinist took good care of me...I hardly felt the needle. They had the filling done in nothing flat. I had time to discuss adoption with one of the girls that works there...I went to school with her. She has a 10 month old baby.

On the way home I bought some vegis for stir fry. It was good but not altogether filling. I attempted to remedy that situation by making a Huffman standby: Graham Crackers and frosting. Simple: milk and butter and powdered sugar make the frosting which is generously applied to half of a graham cracker, the other half of which is slapped on top of the frostinged frosted part and eaten. The upside is Cora does not like these little crackers from heaven. The down side is I apparently stored them too long in the laundry room next to the laundry soap...the crackers took on a decided bounty smell and taste...which I did not notice until Cora told me. She had opted for a plain graham cracker and was munching on it before I was finished frosting my lot. She got a terrible expression and pronounced them bad. I took a small piece and said I could live with it...but that was before the chemicals had a chance to soak into my sensory membranes. I took a large bite of cracker and frosting only to find to my horror that it tasted decidedly of soap...ehhwww, yuck, gag. I then simply opted for the remainder of my frosting, which had partial success at displacing the soapy taste. I did not give Cora enough frosting to do the trick. What is it they say on the airplane? First tend to yourself, THEN your loved ones. Well, Cora, I am sorry if you lost taste buds or the power of smell, but I needed to tend to myself first( after all, Delta Airlines would not lie...and neither would Soputhwestern!).

I DID manage to read a bit tonight. about 20 pages of the prefered text and about five pages of a related text and some extras from one somewhat further removed. I feel I actually made progress. Proof, i suppose, is in the fact that it is 11:22pm and I am still awake. Well, i am going to go read a little more and then go to bed and work again tomorrow.

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Cora said...

Sorry about you soapy crackers it was strange because the crakers were sealed but I guess fabric softener is stronger than we know.