Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Appreciation

I appreciate summer, more than most people I know. I like the time of the year when it is hot out. I like the warmth. I like the fact that it allows plants to grow. I like the color green. I like that I can go outside with few clothes and be comfortable. People I know prefer the chill in the air you experience in the fall. Others love the snow. I say snow belongs in the mountains where no one goes. I don't mind a walk in the snow, but if we could limit to a weekend sometime in November, winter would be fine with me. I don't mind the fall, and if it was on the weekend prior to the winter weekend I just mentioned, that would be o.k. Why not have six months of spring and five and 3/4 months of summer? I think it is a grand idea! I would only have to bring my plants inside for a week. I could live with that.

Today is such a nice summer day. It is not hot...not the scorchers we had there for awhile. It got cool last night, and if I was in control of such things, I would ahve left the night time temperature at about 65. It's supposed to get up to 82 today. i would guess it is that right now. It's ok. I have laundry up on the line and am watering the lawn and enjoying those summer activities. I am also reading. I just bought two books on Barnes and it or not I saved about $15 by going there instead of the normal Amazon...I think that must mean something. I am beginning to feel better about my Master's. I don't think I can realistically finish this quarter. I have been a bad student, but December might be more realistic and easier to deal with.

I also made some iced tea...a nice change. Well, I worked yesterday, nothing spectacular, but I did take my computer to the comp. doctor. I hope to have it back by Monday. Summer is going TOO fast, but there is not much I can do about it. I guess I should enjoy it while I have it, and maybe make frequent trips to southern latitudes during the winter. Wonder if Kim has a spare room...


Cora said...

I love having 4 seasons. Other than my family it was what I missed most in CA. I love the snow! How are you going to fit snow angels, snow ball fights, sledding, snow-men and snow-women, snow forts, ice-skating, and Christmas tree hunting and all the other fun snow stuff into one weekend? HUH? So as my Mom used to say "Sorry Charlie" we are not moving south (sorry Kim) but I am up for frequent visits there has to be some compromise, right?

Grandma said...

Speaking of ice tea. I picked up a box of the family size bags. Maybe I have had my head in the sand and it has been made this way for years. Instructions said to put two tea bags in 2 quarts of cool water and let set for 3 minutes. It was perfect and I have been guzzling tea every day. I don't know if they have done something different to it or could we have always done it this way. I love all the seasons, but I think Fall is my favorite.