Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Great Instigator

I had bigger plans for the day, but it turned out we did other things. I helped Cora create some leaf stencils for her changing table. She got the bright idea to create a changing table out of what once was several things. It was a night stand for Cora, a fishtank stand, a TV stand, and who knows what else. A real changing table was far too expensive and frankly seemed to be a waste of time, space, and money for such a specialized piece of furniture. Cora thought it better to make one. Cora is no doubt the brains of our marriage. She is the instigator of all things. I merely help her accomplish her goals at times.

If it were up to me, we would likely still be renting. If it were up to me we would still have used cars (in our cases, well used). I would likely still be working in a mill or be missing a few digits. We would probably not have a dog dogs. Given that we DID get a house, without Cora, I would probably not have gone to the trouble of painting the house. I may have built the fence, but I may not have seen the need to put stain on it. I guess what I am saying is Cora is the reason we do things. Why are we adopting? Well, we both wanted kids, but Cora finally decided we needed to do something about it, rather than go my way of waiting. As, I said, she is the brains of the operation, so I obviously agreed with her superior argument.

I may have the ability to bring many of the things she sees a need for into reality ( I have built two dog houses, two cat houses [feline, not...well, for cats], the potting bench, and many other things), but I don't have the ambition to begin the process as she does. I have a truly amazing wife.

Today I helped her begin the changing table...I think we make a good team.


Cora said...

We do make a good team and though I may come up with the ideas, you always give them shape.
I love ya!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are both amazing..
You make a wonderful team...
And BB and LM will fit in perfectly...
Have a Great Evening..