Friday, July 11, 2008

Quote of July

“Judge a book by its cover, that’s what I always say.” That is what Cora told me in the book store. I had shown her a couple books and she had told me which one she thought would be good, but I held out for the other. She said, “Is it good?” I said, “I don’t know, but the cover looks like it is.” And that is how she responded, her voice sodden with sarcasm.

We made it back from Seattle, tired but alive. It was nice to be home in our own bed.

Yesterday, I went to work and was given the happy task of helping my Father-in-Law rake rocks from that god-awful dirt. He had had a grader and some sort of machine that was supposed to sweep rocks…still, there were rocks. Not nearly as many as there were before, but rocks. We raked the whole day…except for that last hour or so, when we were digging up a valve box or two. On the bright side, they did get it hydro-seeded. The result of that back-breaking labor in the sun and the dirt: I was exhausted last night. I hardly had the energy to take a shower. I did read part of my book, by part I mean chapter, and by read, I mean slept. I did manage to actually understand it, eventually. I had read it twice by the end of the evening. I had also taken a bath, nodded off several times and basically been semi-miserable in my own body. My Father-in-Law had gone to extreme lengths to torture his son-in-law, and it worked. Thing is he kept up with me.

This morning, though, I noted he appeared to move slower. He also let me mow, which is known to be easy work. I suspect he was making up for all the work he made me do.

I made chili last night. We were out of food…well, not completely. I used Black beans (1 can), diced canned tomatoes, one can of beef, and some green chilies (one can), and a half of a diced onion and some celery sautéed. Heated them all together, then I added cheddar. The whole thing took a short time to make, but BOY was it GOOD!! Cora took what was left for lunch…that must make it good.

Today I mowed, like I mentioned, but that was about it. Tonight we got Pizza for dinner. And we are relaxing. I don’t know where the weekend will lead, but I hope it is fun…I hate cleaning.

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Cora said...

Me? Sarcastic? Never?