Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hostile Action

As I walked up to this anti-aircraft battery, mobile and on a Hummer chassis. As I walked up it turned and aimed its ordnance at me. I was a bit put off, since I valued my life more than I valued the lives of other people around me. I moved. It moved. The guy on the inside was obviously enjoying himself. Then I thought to use the camera. Here is what I caught.

I like the reaction of the girl in the right hand side of the screen. She seems to look at me and then she looks and realizes the anti-aircraft battery is aiming at her. Isn't funny? The armament, as I recall, was eight Stinger AA (anti-aircraft) missiles and one 20 mm machine gun...20mm is just shy of an inch for those of you not so good with the metric system...that is, the bullets are about an inch in diameter. I think, given its abilities shown here, it is probably good at anti-personnell and anti-tank duties as well.

The next video is of the three C-17s that started the airshow. First they came through and drops some parcels cargo via parachute, then they came in to peel off for landing. The video is of the peel off...look at how they handle this airplane! The pilots almost treat it like a fighter. There is probably a reason for guess is because it uses a stick instead of a wheel like other large aircraft. I want you to look at the size of this plane and then watch the video to see just how awesome this little feat of flying actually is. First the pictures

then the video:

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