Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Are You People Looking For?

I visit a BLOG where the author keeps tabs of the keywords that have been used to find her site. She usually lists them and comments on why someone would be searching for that. I have been using Google Analytics since May 11 to keep track of how many visits I get. I found the option where it shows what keywords were used to find my site. There are a few I would like to share. I don’t get the large amount of traffic that this other blog does, but these are interesting nonetheless.

First, I titled a blog a few months ago “Doctor Doctor, Mr. MD…” I thought little of it, since the song was in my head and so was a cold. I have had more hits from that damned title than anything else! There are several versions that made a hit, even bastardizations of the lyrics: “i said doctor mr md,” " can you tell me what's ailing me," “doctor what's ailing me,” and, “doctor mister m.d. yeah yeah yeah.” There are almost a dozen more, but I just wanted to give you a taste.

We all know I love Billy Mays so much that I wrote a blog about him. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks he should take up silent auctions. Here are the two keywords for him:
billy mays must die
"billy mays" voice

Then there are those keywords that defy classification. Still, each one has made me laugh or made me raise an eyebrow about who was doing the search. Either way, you have o see them to appreciate them!

"i am a frayed knot." I am a frayed sew.
a bath and a good book and you want what from me? I am NOT washing your back.
arthropods suck Yes, they do.
bad noodles What did they do that was so bad?
blue cora fish Hmmm, maybe we need one of those in our tank!
booty photo blogspot What are you looking at my site for?
can you escape from school by diging a hole I don’t know, I never tried, I could slip through the bars.
"can't you tell me what's ailing me" No, I’m not qualified.
doctor mr md tell me what's ailing me Dammit, I told you I’m not a doctor!
grand canyon evergreen Is there such a thing?
hi how much would you like to buy What? What do you want me to buy?
hole on the bottom of my foot Me too! A few weeks ago!
how to make props for deserts Really? Maybe you should let me in on how.
i don´t have nobody I’m sorry, have you tried the classifieds?
in rememberance on my wedding dya What, precisely, is a “dya?”
kim guppy Poor girl, that's a tough name to have. Something fishy, I think.
raccoon butt Why are you searching for that?
teaching the digestive system to fourth graders Should you really do that?
the sickness dogs get when they don't get up. Shoe enema? Swift Kick-itis?
today duos, tomorrow the world Are George Bush and Osama bin Laden singing together now, or are they already off to take over the world?

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

I mowed today. Nothing broken, so I feel like I accomplished something. I am wondering what we will do for the weekend. Not sure yet, I hope it’s fun.


Cora said...

Love these, it is fun to see how people find us.

Anonymous said...

Yep! you never know who might drop in and read your site. I found you because I was searching for my kids. And question what? I found them...Mom