Sunday, July 13, 2008

Donations Gladdly Accepted

Well, Cora commented that even though my blog name is Plane Truth, I don't seem to talk about airplanes that much. Well, I shall endeavor to remedy that problem. I am now accepting donations to buy this. It appears to be the drop tank off of an Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Republic F-105, or maybe a Vought A-7. I found it on E-bay. The guy wants $400.00 for it, and I would have to pick it Texas. Of course, Cora thinks all our money should go toward the adoption or bills, but, if someone were to give me $400.00 or simply knows someone with an extra drop tank, I could be happier than a panda in bamboo! More pleased than a pelican in a fish hatchery! Ecstatic as a bear in a honey store. And, it might annoy Cora a bit...are you with me? Here is a picture of the tank I would love to have...we could put it in the roof as an emergency water storage tank...or just as lawn art.

So, there you have it, do any of these pics below look like it? I also thought tis might be off of an F-100, but those tanks look more areodynamic. Shown below is an F-104 and below that is an F-105.

The F-102 has some tanks that look similar...

And Pima has several in storage, wouldn't they look much better in my front yard?

And for those of you not terribly amused by aircraft parts, Yesterday I made another batch of potato salad and we went shopping. Today...well, it's starting really slow, which is just as well. It's Sunday!


Cora said...

Oh how the neighbors will love us! For all that want to donate the check may be made out to Cora. I promise to collect it in a special baby...I mean drop tank fund.

Cora said...

You know I love you right?