Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super Video

I enjoyed the air show the other day, but neglected to post any video. Here is one of the Super Hornet performing what looked to me the Cobra that the Soviet Su-27 Flanker is famous for. The ability to perform it suggests some excess thrust and a thrust to weight ration close to 1:1, but then I am only guessing. It is a quick change in velocity and altitude. It is handy in a combat situation, although, I would think it should be a plane vs. plane instead of having a few adversaries who might capitolize on your momentary lack of speed. Then again, the Super Hornet seems to have an abundance of power, so it would not take long to be up to speed again.

Well, I am out of time, or I would post another. I mowed yesterday. I know, nothing new, but what is is the fact that the fan belt come off the pully and as I sat there I could watch the temperature rise. I quickly took the mower and parked it. This morning I have to go back and fix it so I can finish my mowing. This has been an odd string of breakages. I guess this is just not my year.

When we got home last night we went to town for dinner and to stop at the book store. We bought more books than we will soon read, but that is ok. I like books. When I got home I decided to do some reading...and that explains why no second post yesterday. Cora would be pleased.

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Cora said...

Cool Video and yes I am happy about the one post a day philosophy! Keep up the good work!