Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Broken Mowers, Broken Dreams

I went to work and ended up helping one of my coworkers run to town three times to get the correct sized belt for the mower. Yes, three times. It was not until after noon that I was able to finally finish my mowing that I had started yesterday. The only problem I see is that we just fertilized it, and what I mowed yesterday looks like it could use another mowing...just my luck.

I finished the big mowing (mowing requiring the big mower) and switched to the small mower. I drove that small little tractor to the grass I needed to mow with it and it promptly ran out of gas. I went back to the shop on the big mower traded for the van and came back and filled the tank. I did my best, but with a growth rate like that...well, I would never be done.

When I finally got back to the shop...well, another mower was broken. I had to help fix that and bring it back to the shop...not a good week for mowers, I think. At least I have tomorrow off.

I will be attempting to read and get further on the master's...wish me luck.

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Cora said...

Your wierd! and if you continue to post multiple times I may have to limit your comments. i don't want to exhaust my commenting all on one person.