Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seattle Traffic, Burundi, Food

We are back from Seattle. We met with our agency and up dated our home study. We did some shopping and we ate some good food. I have plenty of pictures to show for my efforts, so please bear with me.

I don’t think I have told you quite how I feel about traffic. I know I mentioned that yesterday sucked. I am disgruntled with the amount of humanity on the roads. No wonder gas costs so much. Maybe some of those people should walk, since they sure can’t drive! I had a few choice words for those wonderful Seattle residents who did their best to put dents in my beloved car…er…Cora’s car. Here are a few pictures of the lovely traffic we dealt with. I have again neglected to discuss my love of the traffic. I suppose, you will just have to read between the lines.

As for the good food, here are a few of the dishes and a couple pictures of our dinner with our agency.

The first is of our dinner with the agency. The reason we had dinner with them is that the Bishop from Burundi, a small country in Africa, had come to finalize arrangements between the agency and their government for families in the US to adopt children from Burundi. We have been looking into other options for adoption while we await China’s eventual (?) speed up. We will continue to wait for a China baby, but we do want to become parents. So, we went to meet the Bishop, who is also some sort of diplomat to the US. His brother-in-law was president of Burundi for 100 days…until he was assassinated. He was also a political prisoner for a period of time. Despite his hardships, he is a genial and friendly man with a striking sense of humor. It was an honor to share a meal with him. We will be one of the first families in the Burundi program. If all goes well, we may be parents by Christmas! Cora will write in MUCH more detail, and probably more eloquently than I, on her Blog.

Our meals were excellent. The dinner with the Agency was at the Ram brewery in University Village. That is a nice little shopping venue. We went shopping and just enjoyed walking around it this morning. See how nice the center was?
We saw this, which seemed to indicate we were in Seattle...let me put it this way: You know you're in Seattle when...
We spent some time in Eddie Bauer. Here are Cora's feet whilst she tries on a top.

About noon we decided we needed sustenance. We settled on Zao’s Noodle Bar…remarkably GOOD!! See what I had? Some sort of grilled pork thingy, a la Vietnam. I also had something they called Thai Iced Tea…pretty good. Cora had a seafood noodle thingy…they were both good.
See the look on her face because I decided to take the camera out...AGAIN?

We ended up at the Macaroni Grill at Northgate for dinner. I had some sort of medley…three dishes in one. Chicken Parmeninan…ptarmigan…err, some sort of chicken, lasagna and something else. OK, I DON’T know what I ate, but it was pretty good! Here are a couple pics from that resaraunt. Note Cora tearing into her bread...

I also took a few pictures on the way home…from the driver’s seat. Cora does not approve of me doing more than driving…pictures by the driver are frowned upon. So, I began taking her picture after every shot I took…I am not sure all of them turned out…her eyes may have burned straight through the camera at times.
Note the snow on the mountain

I like some of the buildings in the University district. Don’t you?

Also just some scenery.

It was a good couple days. We enjoyed it.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds GREAT...
Bring on my new nephew...
I am ready...
Have a Great Weekend..

Cora said...

I had a great time. Check out my post in the morning. I can't wait to see what the next couple of months bring.

Anonymous said...

How exciting... Good photos...Love you ...Mom