Saturday, July 12, 2008

Robbin Hood

The best Robin Hood is made in Britain. I am not against Kevin Kostney kostner, but, truly, he is SO 1990s. Since last fall we have been watching the BBC's Robin Hood. It is set...well, a long time ago in Robin Hood's time. Robin comes backfrom the East and finds the Sheriff well ensconced and the right hand man of Prince John. He soon gathers his group and goes fighting against the Sheriff. The acting is good, the stories are good, but most of all there is lots of action and it is well choreographed with the storyline. The best part, though is the humor and interplay between the characters. Robin Hood is on every Saturday on BBC America.

I am presently waiting for my potatoes to boil for potato salad...I make a mean one. I am sorry my sight sometimes becomes an advertisement for the shows I enjoy, but there are alot of good shows that are not well known. I think everyone should give a new show a chance. Try Robin Hood, and NO I have not been paid to advertise this, but I sure would accept a fee for doing it!

Cora and I went shopping today. We got lots of stuff we have been missing. I think we could have gone on, but the coffee had run out. So, might as well do some shopping whilst we are in getting the all-important beans. We got some pork rids, Rib Eye Steak, Hamburger, and Chicken Breasts. Needless to say, the chili I made that had canned beef in it meant we were toward the dire end of our protein supply. Ok, we still had a couple hot dogs, much canned meat and a few frozen chicken thighs, but, well, carnivores and such. Also, most of my accidental exceptionally well-planned creations require meat. Mostly we spent money we have spent for sometime on groceries. Its about time we got some decent food in our house.

We ate lunch at the Taj, a nice new Indian restaraunt. We tried the lot. Curry...and...uhhh, what other spices do they use? Hmmm, curry, I suppose. It was good.

This afternoon I enjoyed a Mint Julep. I usually try to make one each summer. SO GOOD! This year's used a blender to mix the mint and sugar...I am certain there is a reason the mash it, but, it worked the same and I think I use MORE mint. I grow the mint specifically for that purpose. Whiskey, mint, sugar and ice. That's all we need for a good mint julep. Mmmm-mmm good.

Well, my potatoes are done, gotta go mix them and make 'em yummy!!

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