Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Live From Seattle!!!!

I had a nice short workday. I went home shortly after ten to shower and change so I could get my teeth cleaned. After that I came home and ...(conspiratorial wink, and look both ways) don't tell Cora...gave Toby a bath! Yes, without him being terribly dirty. Also, I know that my mother-in-law cannot tell him NO when he wants to get up and sleep on the bed with him...she's weak(or he is just SO adorable)!

We are safe and sound...(SOUND...get it? ) in Seattle. We are in the University district. We went to a dinner with our Adoption Agency. The dinner was set to begin during the 6 o'clock hour. We... arrived.

We started to take the shortest route, only to find that the two lane road across open water was block by an accident. We went to go around the body of water in question, only to be bogged down in lostness. (Cora called it lost, I call it slightly misplaced) We were actually in a residential area that had no visible sign of an exit. Why not go back the way you came? Well, now, I could have done that, but I have always felt that is simply cheating. I take great pains not to do that. Unfortunately there was no other way to get back to the main roads.

We finally got on 405 south, only to hear there was another accident...fortunately it was just beyond our exit. Still, traffic was a bitch. We got on I-90 only to find ourselves in a morass of vehicular sludge. We eventually made it to I-5, yet, not quite ON I-5. In fact, we sat upon the on ramp to I-5 for quite awhile, discussing the frustratingly close view of I-5, yet its distressing distance. Cars kept trying to merge in front of me. If it had been another day, i might have been glad to let them in, but our trek was so far paste being a slight side-track that I was beginning to think of the XBOX game Halo 2, where you can blow up other vehicles on a highway...it looked alot like the game whenever we were in tunnels...my trigger finger got itchy.

We finally made it...then had to thread our way through a QFC parking lot (QFC is a type of grocery store). We got the hotel room and then went to find our dinner dates. AAO (Americans Adopting Orphans) was waiting for us. We needed to update our Home Study and we were checking into something else, which, I am sure, Cora will endeavor to enlighten everyone on her BLOG about.

After? we went to Barnes and Noble. I got a book I need for the Masters...the library lists it as missing, as of this afternoon (I stopped to pick it up). amazon listed it for $54. Barnes and Noble had it for $19!!! I got that and one on Khrushchev. Now we are back in the room...after I made a snack and water run. So, it has been a good day, with some wonderful traffic terror thrown in.

Tomorrow we update our home study!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am soooo excited...
I have been waiting to hear how things are going..
Have fun..
Tell Cora hello..

Grandma said...

I was in a similar situtation years ago. Different city, different time. About 40 years ago I was in Spokane trying to reach a certain hospital.(not an emergency!)They have nothing, but one-way streets in that city. If I could have made a u-turn I might have arrived at my destination without all the tears.

Anonymous said...

You were not lost just having an adventure. Something we have done too. Mom