Monday, July 7, 2008

Nothing To Say But What A Day, How's Your Boy Been?

Yes, I like the Beatles. I have since 1984 when I first saw "Yellow Submarine." But, this post is not about the Beatles, though, perhaps I should write one...nah, people love the Beatles or don't and my thoughts on them don't matter one bit.

I don't really have much to say. I and the other sub were the only guys at work today. He mowed for one of the other yard guys, whilst I mowed the Elementary's yard. I also broke a sprinkler...which I quietly fixed. Then I used the big mower and the City guys approached me (these are the maintenance guys for the city) and asked if I could let them borrow the sweeper (Basically a vacuum cleaner on steroids, weed, speed, and LSD) after I used it. I said yes, but it ended up taking me longer to unhook one appliance from the back of the John Deere and hook up the sweeper than I expected. I called them and had them come get it. I will do my part tomorrow. I am only going to work part of the day tomorrow. I have a teeth cleaning and we are going to spend the night in Seattle.

I have read quite a bit tonight. I feel like I am remembering alot about the Cold War...that's a good thing. Well, time for bed for me. Oh, Kylee, Who was meaner? Khrushchev or Stalin?

And, I have not forgotten my challenge to you reader from Spokane and reader from Hood River, please take up my challenge, I look forward to reading it! (Six word Memoir)

Have a great Wednesday...I may post from Seattle...we shall see.

One last thing, did I mention that I MADE that Ghillie suit? Yep, that has been a long term project of mine. I think it works well in the sage.


Anonymous said...

stalin is i think..

Anonymous said...

Hey, you hardly had been born yet when the cold war was almost over. It just took the Russians a few years to get around to tearing down the WALL. They had to hire the job out and so a private company got to tear it down. Now can you see where you got your history senses from? Of coarse, once the private sector got wind of the contract to rip up that old wall, it was done in a day (almost). Love Mom