Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, My Day, and Pictures.

Today was a busy day. Well, I had to admire the photos I took during the weekend. Then I had to make sure that the space ship I fly on Facebook was still dominating my friends who also have ships (it was). Then I took a shower and got dressed and began working on the house. I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, wiped out the shower, and did some laundry. The worst part of my day was separating the socks.

Socks have been collectng in a laundry basket. We have both dreaded matching the socks and so, each day, we take our socks and go about our business. So, today, I took an hour...well, it seemed like an hour...and matched all the socks I could. There is still an unbelievale number of single socks in the stupid basket!

I also went to the optometrist and picked up my accursed contacts. At least the insurance picks up some of it. I have been using something called Clear Care, which has Hydrogen Peroxide in it to do away with the protien build up that collects on the contacts. Because of that stuff, my contacts have been lastng MUCH longer than the three months the package calls for. Used to be, by the third month my eyes were ready for the new ones, but this new stuff keeps them feeling good.

I did not get a sub job today, either. That was disappointing. I don't have one for tomorrow yet, either...I may need to do as Cora has been telling me for a very long time...start looking for a...dare I utter the word? Job...Eugh! Yuck! I know, it sounds disgusting to me, too.

So, I made dinner. I made a wonderful steak and some peas and carrots. Fresh carrots, frozen peas, boiled together in a yummy pairing I have never tried outside of a can. Cora gave dinner two thumb up.

Look, here is a picture of Cora on her first Ferry Boat ride.
Apparently, that beautiful young lady had never been on a real ferry (I specify because I don't include the ferry she did once ride as a REAL ferry). My wife is beautiful, there is little doubt.
This is to prove that someone admits that they were my parent. This is my mother! Don't we look like family? Note the characteristic coffee cup.