Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ah, Winter...And a Blah Blog

So, today we had Snow again...

I am not sure I welcomed it as much as I did back in December. Oh, well..what did that Groundhog say?

I finished my book today. Several weeks ago, we were in the 3cities and I convinced Cora to let me buy a book. I bought a book about some of the experimental aircraft of WWII. Considering its technical make-up, I feel pleased that I finished it in that mount of time...also, I usually only devoted a small amount of time to it each day.

I herded cats today. They were a bouncy bunch of kinders...I survived, though, and THAT is the important thing! I also have jobs for the rest of the week, in fact, my week was filled on Sunday. and with the number of requests I got, I could hve filled it again! I am fairly popular, and yet, I don't understand it...Oh, well.

I got some Kitty Hwk stuff I bought on E-bay today. A patch and a souvenir coin, they should go well with my photos and my cruise book.

Hmm, intermediate kids tomorrow...

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Cora said...

I feel pretty blah about the blog lately too. I think the weather has meesed up my seasons. winter spring winter spring winter spring summer?