Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Wonderful Decommissioning, and Museum Ship, Too.

It was a wonderful day!!

You can see how pleased I was! Here, I am looking into the future of Carrier Technology and a time when Kitty will be called to action again!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day! It began early, and a good thing it did! We ended up getting there just in time. The ceremony was held on the Hangar deck. Cora was disappointed, as she was looking forward to seeing the 4.5 acres of sorvereign US territory, also called a flight deck. We did get run of the pier and I got some pictures of various other ships there at the Naval Yard. I will post those at my other site, since you readers might not want to see one hundred ship pictures. Should you want to, though, here it is. My parents came, too, and also enjoyed it. My Dad had purchased a very nice Kitty Hawk shirt for me on Thursday, too!

Next we visited the Bremerton Naval Museum. Which was a terrible disappointment! Years ago, it was a wonderful museum full of naval curiosities, from Admiral Dewey's couch to a 15 foot model of the USS Midway! There were mines and torpedoes aplenty. Today, it is run by the US Navy, and it is a piece of shit. There is plenty of room for good exhibits and they have some wonderful cobbles outside surrounding the sail of the USS Parche. They still have the ship's bell of the USS Washington and the USS Bremerton, but little else. It was a wild disappointment. Oh, and nothing mentioned WHY USS Parche was the most decorated submarine EVER! Nothing about secret missions and Cold War intrigue. Nothing. It turns out there is a treasure trove down stairs, but the Navy has only allowed a small amount of that treasure to be viewed by the public. I intend to write a letter to the Navy stating my disappointment that these treasures are not on view, furthering the education of another generation and interest in the navy.

We went to the USS Turner Joy next! THAT was worth the price of admission! Cora and I wer all over the ship and Cora even stood on the bow, declaring her royalty and eminence over the world. I think the exact quote was "I'm king of the world!"
It is a beautifully restored Destroyer! I highly recommend it!!

They had 55 lb projectiles all over the ship. I figured, if you could carry it off the ship it was yours, but Cora told me I could NOT have one... I think she is narrow minded and mean. As it turns out, they were not for you take home...darn it. Would have been perfect on the TV stand.
Shhhhhhhh, Cora could not figure out why I was having troube climbing ladders! No need to tell her of my little souvenir! (Just joking, I'd never do such a thing...although, if anyone has such a paper weight, I am VERY interested in buying![it's an educational item, really!])


Cora said...

I had a good weekend, but for the record the king of the world thing was not my idea and I thought you said you would not post it.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad you had a great weekend..
Love the photos..

Grandma Blog said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Those pictures are awesome.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I can tell you really enjoyed it. You got some GREAT photos!! You wife deserves a HUGE reward for putting up with all your naval shenanigans over the weekend! Speaking of rewards...why haven't you posted your CUTE award?

E said...

King of the world is funny! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture! lol.