Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Play Than I Let On!

So, just so there is no misunderstanding, I DID manage to do some things that I wanted to do today. In between errands, I did manage to slink off into a part of town I hadn't been before. The train tracks, well, I have been in that area before, but it's been years and it seems I just never got to it from that particular direction before. I took some pictures.

I like the graffiti. I find it interesting that someone can make words appear so appealing to the eye.

With some of these things I don't even know what they say, but they look neat.

It was a sunny day. It made me want a better camera.

It was hard to stay on track. LOL!

I kept railing against the notion that I did not belong there.

Then I went and found most of the geocaches my beloved Sister and Brother-in-law left for me. My favorite, in that it was annoying (trust me, I will get even), was one that had the instructions hidden in two tiny tubes, which were stuck in a Corn Syrup Bottle...except, SOMEONE had neglected to rinse out the corn syrup. Molasses might have been only slightly worse, and at least it wasn't on fire. I was fortunate I had thought to take a pocket knife with me...I cut the bottle open because the tubes would not come out...oh, and I should have taken some wipes. I am glad there wasn't more Corn Syrup! I might have been caught like a mastedon or a saber tooth tiger in a tar pit...I was even resorting to sucking it off my fingers so I would not goo-up my GPS... didn't work. Here I am in the bottom of the canal, Rosa Canal, returning to thetruck from a cache...I could have driven around, but there wasn't any water.

Oh, and the next cache appeared to be setup so I would break my neck...fortunately, I found what I was looking for before I did that. Turns out I was blaming things on them that weren't their fault. I thought I had to climb up a rock face...tured out it wasn't so bad...now, I still need to attempt the night time portion of it...


E said...

Is that Cora's car that you took to that part of town that I spot in the background!? A Honda in the Honda theft capital of the city!?

Cora said...

Looks like you had fun. Oh and we don't have a Honda, it was stolen, just kidding I drive a Toyota!

Jimh. said...

Of course it's Cora's car, you think I want MY car stolen?