Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoroughly Thinking Thursday!

Well, first it was that Stephenie Meyer book that had me away from Blogger, now I have discovered Hulu. I have been enjoying the few episodes of Firefly that were made. I have always been a Sci-Fi geek. I don't do alot of reading anymore...I have a computer...DUH! But, finding an awesome sci-fi show is rare. Most of the things Sci-Fi channel puts on are childish at best. For example, all those Snake Shows...Anaconda, Python, Rattlesnake...WTF? Snakes, by their nature are cold blooded and slow moving, and they certinly are NOT THAT aggressive(well, maybe a Black Mamba could be aggressive, but most snakes try to get away, because, DUHHH!...they don't have arms!). So, what did FOX do when they got a winner like Firefly? Yeah, they cancelled it...bastards. Well, Battlestar Galactica is on tonight. Then I can watch the final few episodes of Firefly on hulu.

I had yesterday off, not by choice. No one appears to have been sick...strike that, I know I missed one because I decided to get up and get a drink on Wednesday night. Bad timing, my life story.

I cleaned in response to having the day off. I argued that we do not NEED a swiffer, because Cora wanted to get one. I explained that I clean the floor regularly. I used Comet yesterday. Looks nice. I also shampooed the carpet again, in responce to the rainy days and dirty dog feet of last week. When I finished I put the dog food back...and please explain to me why Toby thinks he must place his food on thefloor before he eats it! I tried to get a picture, but he picked it up again...see!

Ahhh, clean rugs! Note: Gypsy attempting to stay off camera.

I get to work again today. Hurray! I am in the SPED class today again. I wonder if the teacher liked my Ducks. I made a pattern that allowed the legs and wing of the construction paper duck to move...the kids seemed to enjoy it...but it turned out more complicated than any of the adults imagined. Still, by the end of the day there were twelve ducks hanging from the, we were not making a statement of hate against ducks...they were intended to be "springy." (I like ducks) Despite the scissors, no ducks were harmed...well, except for...we'll call him Student X...Student X's duck faired a little worse than the others...but, well, they all had the best of intentions!


Cora said...

Thanks for cleaning the house looks great! But we still need a swiffer! Have a great day teaching and I will cook some yummy pork chops for dinner!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Still need a swiffer..
And I need a carpet cleaner..
Better tell John..
Have a great day..