Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday the 14th

I did not post yesterday. I would like to say it is because Friday the 13th got the best of me. Well, that's not true. I don't want to say that there was a freak lightning storm and our house was struck, frying both computers and two TVs. I further don't want to say that Cora was walking up the sidewalk and slipped in a puddle and landed on the dog and now they're both in their respective hospitals. I don't want to add that just before she fell she dropped the Northrop Flying Wings book she got me for Valentine's Day in the puddle. So I won't. None of that is true. Not one drop. Except, I am certain Cora will jump online and buy me the book. Cora, it is Spelled NORTHROP.

I made Bacon for breakfast this morning, remember? And Chocolate, I got you Chocolate for Valentine's Day! Don't you want to buy me a book?

So, we survived Friday the 13th with nary a scratch. I fixed dinner and we had relaxing evening.

I DID start Stephanie Meyer's book The Host...I am now 150 pages in with no end in sight. I don't want to do anything else until I finish that stupid is keeping me glued. Damn You Stephanie Meyer!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Now that Friday is over you can enter FFFF & check out my first birthday bash at Custom Blog Designs. There will be a blog makeover giveaway, blogging tips, and fun!

Grandma Blog said...

You bought Cora chocolate for Valentines day. Did you splurge and buy her one of those chocolate pudding cups???

Terra said...

Good luck tearing yourself away from The Host...I just finished it!

E said...

I was going to buy it this weekend! Walmart did not have it when I was there, but since I had plans to go out drinking I didn't go shopping for it.