Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Day, nother Dolla'

It would appear, after today's inquisition, that the teachers have not gone on srike against my substitutionary skills. Rather, no one was gone yesterday. I guess I feel a little better...but not much, since that does not enlargen the old pocket book. Still, at least I know they have not called the district on account of my "piece of string" joke (those of you who have heard it will know).

I had a good day subbing in the SPED class at the el. I even came up with a couple more coloring pages. The ladies who work with me suggested I change careers and begin making coloring books...somehow, that does not seem to promise economical freedom from the school district...I appreciate the good will, but, surely there are better artists out there. But, hey, the ladies there seem set on getting me working with my drawings...maybe they are not necessarily exposed to the best of the best...they make me feel pretty good about myself, though!

I started a roast tonight. I seared it, and peeled the veggies. All I have to do in the morning is add broth and everything I readied tonight, push start up the crockpot...and wait eight hours. the plan is to use the left overs for french dip sandwiches. All in all, it sounds like a god week, food-wise.

Oh, and I signed up to sub for Wapato! Cora will be thrilled! She should be home soon. She went to a candle party...I am not sure what that is. I can only assume it is something that includes candles and...costing me lots of money. Of course, I did not work much last week, so, how much can I complain? Yeah, not much...plus she let me buy some stuff off of e-bay...one such thing was a copy of the ship's newspaper from the USS Huntington, one of the first ships to fly aircraft in the US Navy. It is dated 1917...I think it was a pretty good deal. Less than 10 bucks. I suspect if I put it in a display with a picture of said ship and sold it agin..well, I might make few bucks on it...I dunno...it's an idea.

Tomorrow I work again!! Hurray!


Cora said...

It is funny how letting you buy stuff off ebay includes me having no clue that it was happening, huh how does that work? I think you just let me buy a new purse.
Thanks for letting me go out tonight it was great to get together with an old friend.

Grandma Blog said...

The school should hire you to give drawing lessons to the kids. I guess it's called art. Do they offer art in the younger grades. Remember I haven't been to school in eons, so I don't know these things. I have been dropped off your followers list too. I don't know how to fix it.