Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost Friday!

You thought I'd run out of ship pictures! Hah! You were wrong.
I have one more day, then I get four off. But, I promised I would work on my resume and look for a job during those two extra days. I'm thinking 7/11, but I suspect Cora has other ideas.
I got the part for the washer yesterday, but didn't get it in until tonight. The good news is it works! No leaks! Saved us $2000, did I mention Cora has already picked out the Cadillacs among washers and dryers. I don't know if she will get them, she is only married to a school teacher.
We also managed (by we, I mean me) to get our long lost channel back so we could watch Survivor. It was a good show. I ended up having to just put the antenna in the back of the TV rather than running it through the Dish receiver...which it is supposed to be able to do. Even after 30 minutes on the pone with a tech, I had gotten nowhere...figures. Oh, and it will be obsolete in less than two weeks...just my damned luck.


Cora said...

oh poor you having to fix the tv alone. I must have been just sitting on my butt, oh yeah I was paying the bills, nothing important.

Grandma Blog said...

Back to the Antenna. You're regressing back into the dinosaur days.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for posting the ship picture. I was having withdrawls!