Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mist It By That Much...

So, I did not work today. It sucks. So, I worked around the house. I did some laundry and dishes, as usual, and then I also finshed shampooing the front room...looks nice now. I did run to town for a few items, and then took Cora lunch.

I came out of the store and the overcast had cleared some and then I noticed the hills to the south. The clouds were pouring over Ahtanum Ridge. It was cool, but the photos don't do it justice. This photo is from the truck as I head into the mist at the gap.
When I left Cora's place of work I spotted some box cars and took a few pictures. This one is interesting, but I am unsure of the implied meaning, as is often the case with this kind of art.
When I finally got home, I found Toby in my chair. He is stretching here, but looks like he is giving me a lazy smile.
So, the day ends and I am still awaiting a teacher to fall ill...come on you teachers! Get sick or take the day off!


Grandma Blog said...

A dogs life doesn't look to rough to me.

Cora said...

Thanks for lunch yesterday, the house looked great when I got home! Love that picture of Toby!
Hope you have a good day today.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Today's the day!!
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