Thursday, January 15, 2009

Television Contraversy

So, back on December 17, 2008, there was a problem. It was a small problem, given the holidays and the way the television stations don't play new stuff at that time. Until after the holidays and then it began to become a bigger problem. The new programs began to filter back on. Especially...NCIS. I think we all know I like that show. If you don't see here.

Well, if you don't already know, we have Dish Satellite Television. Dish and Fisher Communications got into a tiff. Apparently, and I am only going by what Dish says, Fisher Communications wanted to raise the price for the programming Dish was getting for the local channels. Dish thought the 82% price increase was unfair and refused to pay it, citing the fact that they thought this an unfair price to pass on to their customers. So, since December 17, we have not been getting our CBS station. It affects people in different areas differently. Apparently on the West side of the Cascades, Dish subscribers are not getting an ABC station (KOMO). That would be fine, except NCIS is on CBS! And I like NCIS, see here. Cora is more worried about Survivor, see here.

So, the president of Dish indicated that we should be able to get the local channel by the simple addition of a rabbit ear antenna to the back of our receiver. Yesterday, I bought an antenna. Didn't work. I called the help number and the Dish person gave me the kind of run around one might get when it was the end of someone's shift (Since I had all day to be a customer, I am pretty sure it was the bastard on the other end of the phone). I was peeved. I called again, this time explaining that I was centimeters away from dropping Dish and going with Cable. The lady on the other end, sensing a defining moment in her career, did her damnedest to help. Finally it became obvious it was a hardware problem. I thanked her for her help and assured her I would not use her name in any hostile letters.
I bought another antenna, this time with a different connection and... it still didn't work. Then, after a lot of cussing and fussing, kicking and screaming, and just plain frustration, I gave ws then that I noticed the owner's manual to the receiver. I opened it up and found that I will need to get a splitter of sorts for this damned thing to work...So, $10 for the antenna and probably $20 for the stupid splitter. Guess how much Dish is giving us off our monthly bill because of this inconvenience! A DOLLAR!!!!!!

Cora will be unhappy if she misses Survivor.
I have to admit, I will be only slightly less disappointed. So, I am now in the position of trying to decide whether to just switch to cable or what. I REALLY like my DVR...if Charter Communications can match my DVR for convenience with something of their own...well, they just might have a deal. Especially since they want to bundle it and save me money. We could save quite a bit if we bundle the phone, internet, AND TV. We already have our internet through not?

To say I was considerably frustrated and wasted over 2 hours yesterday trying to get it figured out would be an understatement.
I worked at the HS as a gym teacher...which is to say, I watched while the kids got exercise. I felt severely overweight and OLD watching them...great way to boost the old ego. Shit, it IS an OLD ego.

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Cora said...

I can't miss survivor I might die!