Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday and the FFFF

I taught second graders today. Everyone kept saying, "Oooh, I don't envy you." or "Ouch, she got a doozy class this year." "With So-and-so? Sorry!" Either I have low expectations, or I just managed to get lucky, because I had a good day! There were a few outbursts from student X, but those were relatively easily handled. I was happily surprised.

Tonight, I am about to watch Battle Star Galactica. It is a series I have been watching faithfully for the past few years, and I was very unhappy to see it is ending. Still, it seems better and has been longer run (In years, if not epiodes) than the original series.

Tomorrow, my favorite niece's birthday. It is hard to believe that FIVE years ago she burst onto the scene on the date I predicted. January 17, 2004. And she was a SHE! I predicted that too! I am looking forward to seeing her tororrow. She is such a cutie and she has grown up so fast!

We might drive down to the 3cities and have a nice dinner and do some shopping afterward. Who knows.
Oh, and the Snow for the FFFF...Diana has a wicked sense of humor...since we have NONE! These are from December...

Spoiler (maybe):

Uh-oh...Thrace! I am fracking it Helen? Is is the entire Human Race? Glad they have made it so easy to follow by keeping the series episodes so fracking close it too much to ask for them to have more than three episodes per year?


Cora said...

Love the snow pics!
I am so confused on battlestar galactica, I bet their are message boards devoted to it if we were true fanatics!
I guess we will just wait until next year I mean next week.

E said...

I am with you on that. CONFUSED! What the hell! If Kara (cara)(whatever), found her body then how the hell is she alive? She came home in a new ship and a new body? Maybe they traveled to the future and didn't know it. And, and what about the one who's name escapes my mind that shot herself! I was soooo not ecpecting that.

Peta-maree said...

I so fracking love the series. We dont get it here so I have to buy it from the US and get it sent over. I have just finished watching series 2 and I am half way through series 3 and now I am tracking down series 4. What series are you watching now.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Gorgeous snow pics. Love the one of the frost on the window. Thanks for participating. I added Planet Ruth to Mr. Linky!

Grandma said...

I just love the pictures. I went to the store this morning and was sorry I didn't have my camera with me. I know you and Cora will have fun today no matter what you do. You guys don't let time go to waste.

Anonymous said...

ok, I have to say I love the pictures..especially the one of our house! Guess who!