Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Beckons!!

I had a good day. Dare I say "my" sixth graders greeted me with extreme happiness. I don't know why they like me so much, but I try not to look a gift horse in the mouth ( a saying, I am still unsure of, despite my knowledge of checking a horse's teeth to verify health). Do you know, they asked me to come sub for them, and when I explained I can only sub if their teacher is sick, they asked me to go cough on her! I like those kids. Same goes for the sixth grade teachers, they still appear to like me. I am pretty fond of them, too, though.

Tonight, we have been getting ready for our visit to the Kitty Hawk I had to go to town and get another battery for the dumb camera becuse I can't find the other. I will be darned if I go to such a good spot for photos and have to suffer from battery deadness! I am also downloading the video from the video camera to the hard drive and charging the batteries for that, too!

Oh, MAN! I can't wait to go see some ships! Cora is showing only mild interest...but she's a girl. She did seem to indicate that I could go wherever I want because she knows she is going to be bored anyway. I see that not s a challenge to interest her, but as a free ticket to every military museum I can find!

And there ARE a few over there! There is the USS Turner Joy, The Bremerton Naval Ship Yard Museum, The Keyport Undersea Museum, there is are at least THREE air museums. I think I could keep us busy!

I get to teacher bilingual kinders tomorrow! YAY!!!!

I haven't forgotten my request for pictures of military bases...I am counting on you guys!

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Cora said...

I am sure we will have a great weekend!
Love ya