Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me? Nothing to Say!??

I guess I haven't had alot to say lately. That's strange, I know! I have been subbing at the intermediate and I will again tomorrow.

I am hoping for a HS job on Friday, as I'd like to leave as early as possible for Seattle. The Kitty Hawk decommissioning is coming. I am afraid our camera battery will die just as we get there. I can't find our spare and I would rather not buy another...still, it would break my heart to miss pictures of the Bremertn Naval Yard, especially since no one seems interested in sending me pictures they have taken of naval or air installations....hmmm, that gives me an idea...

I am hereby begging you all to go through your files, pictures, and albums and send me some pictures of installations/bases you have been to. I might even post them on my other site if you give me permission!

I challenge you to send me photos of the bases you have been seen. And, since it isn't fair for me to ask to see yours without showing mine...well, here are some of mine:

The allert hangars at ex-McClellan AFB 2005.

McChord AFB, 2008.

Travis AFB 2005.

I took this one at ex-Mare Island Naval Base, these are the building ways. Many ships slid down this ramp!

I look forward to seeing what you folks have (Eric, Erin, John, and Edna).

I have been communicating with a fellow aircraft wreck enthusiast, and he said he was sending me an accident report! Maybe this will tie me over until the Air Force Historical Research Agency sends me the ones I requested back in December. I also located a batch of accident reports that I had misplaced. Well, they were actually right in front of me this whole time, but they looked so neat and tidy, I simply assumed they were Cora's work stuff. None of my stuff ever looks neat, so it was totally understandable!

I managed to download some pictures to our hard drive and erase a card, which will give me a little more than 1000 pictures on a card. Still, it may not be enough. Hence my worry! I think I will take the video camera, too!


Anonymous said...

I guess I can't post pictures without having a blog, huh? Hey, maybe you can let me know how to start one. I don't have many pics, but have been to the Navy Base in Alameda (my brother in law was stationed on a ship back in the day)...Ft. Lewis, Camp Rilea (that is a refurbished Army Camp near Seaside on the Oredon Coast..yours truely actually helped refurbish it in the late 70s), Ft. Sam Houston, TX, Ft. Jackson, SC, and Ft. Ord, CA. Oh..and I do have pics of Navy ships docked for the Rose Festival in Portland years ago.

Cora said...

I could send you some pictures but I have a feeling you already have them.

E said...

Ok I will get out my basic training stuff and scan a few. I have been to Lackland AFB in San Antonio TX, Sheppard AFB in TX, Tinker AFB in OK City, An Army base in Lawton OK that slips my mind of the name right now and one other of which I would have to try and remember the name of too. We were not allowed to take very many pictures, it was actually considered to be a threat to national security. ( or so they told us) So I do not have many.

Jimh. said...

Do you think I was SUPPOSED to take pictures while on Travis AFB? I suspect they might not have taken kindly to me had they known...but, I have learned, if you act like you know where you are going, or act like you belong...well, people ignore you, since they have things of their own to do.

Same with Mare Island...I was supposed to go straight to my point of business, but, I considered the whole base my point of business and ignored their little printed paper. And look at me! I am not in jail...yet.

Still, all you all, send in the pics!