Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off The Wall Saturday.

Today has been a nice slow day. It was spent avoiding work. We DID go grocery shopping and we couple of loads of clothes got washed, but we won't point any fingers.

I made a copy of an accident report for a fellow wreck enthusiast. I also took a nap halfway through the day. We watched TV and took it nice and easy. I have no inclination to make tomorrow's plan any different!

Since, I am lacking in ambition and ideas for a better post, I will leave you with some pictures. These are intentionally off the wall. Nothing pretty, but, you already know I am un-ambitious, so why are you acting surprised?
Naughty airplanes...

Toby's nightmare...totally accidental, but completely entertaining.

My airplane remains on the shelf...for now.

A ship of the Great White Fleet...

A ship of the Greatest Fleet in the World...

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend.


Grandma said...

I posted pictures too because I couldn't come up with anything else. I doubt if today will be any different.

Cora said...

Great I discovered what I need to do today, dust, Ugg.
I can't beleive you threw Toby's toy on the fan, not nice.