Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What The Hell Is An Integer, Again?

Yesterday, I lucked out and taught at the HS. Not bad, but it was math.

I am not exactly a fan of math. Oh, yeah, I handle the simple stuff fairly well, but once you get into the stuff that I have NEVER used as an adult...well, my mind gets fuzzy and the room spins. Kids would ask a question, and on 65% of them I was able to help (I define "help" necessarily loosely). That other 35% made me want to ask them if they should work a little on their study habits. That's cruel, isn't it? But, I know my study habits suck and I suck at math, so logic (again, loosely defined) suggests the two are somehow related. I figure I am someone speaking from experence, so it isn't REALLY cruel. Anyway, I couldn't figure out how knowing the difference between a monomial, binomial, or trinomial problem would help me figure it out. I would also like to know who's idea it was to put letters into math problems, because he deserves a sound beating!

As it was, the teacher I subbed for seems to not mind his class doing little slacking. If he did, he would have left more for them to do, and perhaps instructions for silence. There were only dittos for each class to work on. And the computers were acting up so I could not take role from a class list. I was obliged to take the class' word for it. I think I got most everyone who was absent...but I wouldn't hold my breath. Given these conditions, and the fact that high schoolers are capable of taking care of themselves without as much supervision, I was able to read my book part of the day. The teacher's computer was on and while I could not obtain class lists, I could check my email and surf. All in all, it was a very nice day.

Oh, yeah, Mondays is one hour late start...and this teacher's prep period is the last period of the day. Since he never leaves instructions to run copies or anything, I get to leave about 40 miutes early...and get paid for the whole day. And Cora wants me to get a REAL job! Hah, the nerve!

We watched True Beautty again last night. I didn't know people could be SO vain...and I blog! But, I can't feel too bad, since you read it...


Cora said...

Ok I have racked my brain and I still don't know what an interger is. It sounds familiar in that vague I want to forget high school memoroy of mine.
Glad you are getting jobs every day

E said...

My math teacher lied to me! I would love to go back and and say.. SEE! I do not use any math problems in my daily tasks that include A+B = X ,Never, not once!

Grandma said...

I think an integer is a number of some kind. Odd or even I do not know, nor do I care. I am so glad I am not in your shoes. I hate math and a+a=integer. Hows that?