Monday, January 5, 2009

Slow Day

I did not get a teaching job today...but then it is the first day back after break...what teacher would miss the first day back? Few, I am sure. I stopped at the maintenance shop, but they did not need an extra hand today. Cora stayed home with a bit of a stomach bug. I worked around the house tidying things up and doing some laundry. I also mde soe chicken soup in hopes of nursing her back to health and sending her off to work. LOL! Nah, I just wanted her to feel better. We WERE scheduled to attend my youngest nephew's birthday party tonight, but Cora was still feeling nasty and we did not think it advisable to take her ailment with us to my sister's.

I rented a movie. Wanted. It's a pretty good show. There is a point where there are rats on the screen, making attendant rat noises. Cora and I got a kick out of it when Toby, who had been sound asleep in his bed, JUMPED up and started sniffing around the TV stand looking for the source of the rodent noises... Can you tell he is a rodent hunting SOB? (He really is the son of a bitch.) Anyway, it was funny.

I did get two requests for the rest of this week...however, I am already taken. Music for the rest of the week. I also got three jobs for later this least they did not forget me over Christmas Break!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you had a Great Day..
Tell Cora hello and to get better..

Grandma said...

Do you have to know how to sing in order to teach music? I have never heard you sing so maybe you do know how. I just never thought to ask. Brandi addressed you on my blog in the New years resolution part.
Happy Teaching

E said...

Did you go get her a coloring book and some new crayons to make her feel better? I ask that cause whenever I was sick my Mom would bring them home for me. Dunno why.