Saturday, January 3, 2009

Elephant Dog! or Toby Torture!

This is what happens when Toby gets too close while I am putting on my shoes, especially if I have an appropriate sock in hand. I don't mind putting-off putting-on my shoes for a minute or so to enjoy his antics. It is amazing how perfectly the sock conforms to his contours...and I love the head-shaking dance he does trying to get it off.

Cora has some sort of psychic link to my deviousness, and usually calls from the other room for Toby to come to her so she can take the sock off his head (No, this is not the first time I have done this). I am not certain this is her way of tormenting him more or if she actually thinks that making him wander through the house blindly bumping into walls and Gypsy in his attempt to both reach her AND get the sock off his head is actually helpful...I prefer to think she is just as devious as I am. Because of the entertainment value, I rarely interfere with her "Rescue" efforts.

Ah, the pleasures of being a pet owner...I can't wait to get kids! I think I can be MUCH more creative than I have been!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. you are having way to much fun..
Take care of your wife..she doesn't feel very well..
Give her a hug for me..
Make some yummy soup or she might need some ginger ale..
Have a Great Day...

Grandma said...

That borders on dog cruelty!
Poor Toby,I suppose it was a dirty sock too.
Toby can live with me.

Anonymous said...

Mean Master, Mean, Mean! Sit down! You're in time out!