Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids Is Kids

Today I taught in the SPED room. I always enjoy the kids and they like me. Further, the Assistants like me because I don't hide behind the desk like other subs. Apparently, SOME subs don't know how to treat kids with special needs. I don't claim to either, but, I DO know the kids are just kids! They are not aliens to be feared! But, because I INTERACT with the kids, the Assistants seem to prefer me as a sub, which does inflate my EGO...a little.

I think I neglected to mention yesterday that the sixth grade teachers were threatening to each get "sick" in sequence so they could keep me with them. A few of them might have also mentioned that they wished that I had applied for the job last year. (I did, but at the time, I thought I was only certified for grades 7-12 and said as much, now I know better[CWU, you suck]) I am frankly amazed tht they like me so much. I am too humble to scream, "THEY LIKE ME!!!! THEY!!!! LIKE!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (of course they do.) Still, however understandable their liking of me is, I sometimes wonder how it is they like me. They only see me during lunch and hear about me from the kids...oh, well, I consider it an honor that they like me. I like them just as much, but I like the kids, too.

So, local news agencies expect some snow this weekend. Maybe that'd be fun. I hope the passes clear up by next Friday! I may have to drive around the Columbia Gorge to get to Seattle, but, damn it, I WILL BE AT THAT DECOMMISSIONING!!!!!

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E said...

I would suspect that you would rent a snow plow and a snowmobile if it was necessary to get you there.