Friday, January 30, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!


This week's FFFF is about your Chinese Zodiac sign. I was born in the Year of the Tiger! Here is a not so brief description from:

"Born leader" is the key word for the Tigers. They are always in the lead and are most likely the ones to cry out "Let's Go"! Noble and Fearless, Tigers are respected for their courage, even from those working against them.
I'd like to think tht YES, this describes me, but, I don't think I HAVE to lead. As for courage, I really can't think of anything I have really ever been afraid of, except having a loved one hurt.
Tiger people are daring fighters, they are capable of standing up to the better end for what they think is right. Although they could be selfish from time to time in the little things, they are capable of great generosity. Tigers are unpredictable, always tense. and like to be in a hurry.
Again, not so sure about being a daring fighter, though my Chess Game would probably indicate that I will fearlessly attackforces of greater strength in kamikaze-like abandon. My sister described my Chess Game as unpredictable! I don't know if tht is a good thing, because she usually beats me, often with much loss of pawns and other pieces.
Tiger people are difficult to resist, for they are magnetic characters and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places.
Cora refers to me as charming, though I don't know if I agree. All those things sound nice, so I won't contest them.
Tigers are very confident, perhaps too confident sometimes. Although they love adventures, and are addicted to excitement it is better not to challenge a Tiger's confidence. They likes being obeyed and not the other way around.
Hmmm, I DO love good adventure, but I think Iam such an easy-going guy that the OBEY thing is probbly not true with me.
Because Tigers are urgent people and always in a hurry to get things done right, they usually choose to operate alone. Tigers like to work, they are hard-working and dynamic. If you assign a task to a Tiger, the job will be undertaken and accomplished with enthusiasm and efficiency. Tigers make money, but they are not directly interested in money. Still, the Tiger needs not worry about money: just when he fears the money is gone, more seems to show up.
I don't mind working alone, but I prefer to have someone to tlk to while I am doing it, but I am lazy. And I'd sure like to know where that money is, because I could sure use it!
Tigers are sensitive, emotional. They are capable of great love, but they become too intense about it. They are also territorial and possessive, if you are a friend of a Tiger, he wants you to take his side against the bad guys and because the Tiger is so adorable, you often do. As lovers, Tigers are passionate and romantic, but the real challenge for the Tiger is to grasp the true meaning of moderation.
Yes, I am others' needs, but I don't think would say I am particularly emotional. I don't know about my intensity. I do like to have people on my side, but who doesn't. I don't know about the lack of moderation, but I whole-heartedly agree that I am ADORABLE.

I think we have pictures of Tigers from the San Francisco Zoo somewhere...but you will hve to make do with this Tiger...Grrrrrrrrr!

We were just finishing an airsoft game.

Did I mention we are going to go see the decommissioning of a carrier? We might also go to this ship, here:


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Hum...tiger. Parker is a tiger too. He's super sensitive and adorable. Maybe you should post your super cute award!! Thanks for participating!

Ship? What ship?

( word verification below is trige...I think it's just a play on tiger!)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have fun Tiger with the boats.. I know you will have pictures for a month or so to post..