Friday, January 9, 2009

Her Slumber Is My Torment

Cora seems to have slept well. The dogs were in the living room and I by her side. She was bound to. Well, not me. I, apparently, wake up whenever Toby makes a squeak. Then I lie there trying to decide if I should go put a blanket over him or let him whine. I don't want him thinking every time I come down the hall that he is coming back to the bedroom with me. So, every hour, and sometimes half-hour he would whine. I would try to withstand it, until I could not. Then I would stumble down the hall and tell him to shut his mouth up! I usually added some other expletives, but apart from the tone, I doubt he got much of the meaning.

Cora, sweet Cora, never seemed to hear him-I am wearing earplugs tonight! ...and I am going to charge the battery to my Airsoft gun...he is much too fast for me to chase but he is not too fast for a BB! Maybe it would not have been so bad, but he seemed to time his whines with me getting back to sleep. Just as I was trekking through the jungle, or walking up the beach toward the beautties that were sunbathing, a sharp, high-pitched whine would puncture my happiness and tear me away from those interesting dreamlands. See, Toby hs the same respect for the ocean as he does for my slumber!

Well, one more day teaching music...yeserday, they needed me to teach in the SPED classroom. The kids in there know me and like me. I like them, and it was an easy day. The ladies in there are awesome, they do the majority of the work. I roll with the flow and I think that might be why they like me in there. It remains dfficult for me to walk through the hallways without kids yelling out to greet me...even when they SHOULD BE standing quietly in line...oh, well.

This weekend...hmmm, I know I had plans...wish I could think of them. I know I want to hve some nachos or some sort of chip vs. salsa dinner...add cheese and meat and it's a meal! I need to get some tomoatoes and some cilantro for my salsa.

I now have a facebook account...not sure how much it will get used, though I did manage to find a few friends from high school. Thank you Diana for questioning my electronic prowess and challenging my technological, I have an account, happy? Or, in my most gangsta style voice, "How you like me, NOW!?"


Grandma said...

I know the feeling of fighting with your conscience about listening to the dog whimper or getting out of bed and covering him up. I miss Minnie, but I don't miss that part.
I guess only a true dog lover would understand those things.

Cora said...

Sorry I did not hear him, Ok that is a lie I am not sorry, I enjoyed sleeping too much. hope the ear plugs work. He will get used to it right?
I can't believe you posted that picture, Eww.