Monday, January 19, 2009

Eagle, a Bear, and a Dog.

I took Cora to work, then I had the oil changed in her car and did some running around. Then I went to lunch with her. Finally, I went home and cleaned at the house. I also took some stuff out to the shed; some books and the shelf I took down last week. Then I went back to town to return the antennae I bought last week...they didn't work.

I think it was a pretty good day. On the way to lunch we saw two bald eagles. I pledgd to come back with a camera. Once I made it home, I worked on the house and then left again, this time with the camera.

My travels took me onto the freeway a few times. Everytime, there was a Washington State Patrol with someone pulled over in the opposite lanes. At the end of the day I wenty to pick Cora up at work. I glanced in my mirror and there was no one behind me...then, two seconds later I glanced agan and there were some Red and Blue lights from a Sheriff closer to me than I prefered. I jumped into the right lane; out of his way as he zoomed by. Seconds later another set of lights came into view behind me. Then they shut off. This was a WSP...and apparently he was not in as much of a hurry as the Sheriff. He stopped at the light...I glanced a third time in the mirror-nothing. I pulled cautiously up next to him and snapped this picture...I did not want him to think I was taking pitures of him for my blog...but I was. That is the reason it isn't a better picture.

Cora made dinner tonight. An awesome Mac&Cheese concoction...with ham...MMMmmmmmm!!!! She is an awesome cook.

The funny thing is, the better the meal, the less the dogs get. I think they recognize this and so both go to bizarre lengths to get some of this forbidden dinner. This is what Toby was doing to try to convince me I should give him my empty plate. Note the placement of his paws, as thought to demand the plate. He is really pretty cute.