Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leaving Summer Behind

The last couple days have been very nice for photographing leaves after work.  I don't know why, exactly, but over the past fifteen years, I have become more and more interested in the colors of leaves.  I hope you will enjoy these.  Yes, they are altered slightly, but still, I am really happy with these.

I once held the position that one of my former professors.  "Digital is NOT the same as film!"  I echoed his objections about the new media(circa 1995).  I was reluctant to even own a digital camera.  Well, my parents bought us our first one back in 2003.  It was a true blessing.  We loved it.  It was NOT as good as film, but over the past seven years, the technology has matured.  Now, digital cameras can make quality prints at more than 20X30 inches.  I have never enlarged a photo past 8X12, so why worry?    And look at the way you can manipulate them!  I have never developed color film or prints because of the temperature control necessary.  Black and white is more forgiving.  Still, I DON'T have a dark room.  I DO have a computer.

Anyway, back to the leaves: you can't manipulate a photo you don't have.  You have to be able to obtain a photo to base it off of, and then tweak it until you're happy.  We don't have Adobe, but this is what I can do with our Corel program.  I love the colors! 

I subbed for first graders today.  Not too bad.  They were appropriately in awe of my drawing skills, even though I was not attempting to showcase those.  I was shooting from the hip a few times, but that's a normal thing for a sub.

Tomorrow, I am back to fifth graders.  The same batch that seem to love me.  This will be my third showing this year.  I am pleased with that.  Fifth graders are a good bunch.  I should be able to see the results of their coloring contest, on the scarecrow that I left behind.  I enjoy this bunch.  I have similar feelings about history as their regular teacher seems to.  It should be another good day!

The adoption continues to creep closer.  I thought a short amount of time like a month would be easy after the past four years, but, honestly, I'm not having an easy time of it.  I wanna go get our girl!  Cora isn't having an easy time, either!  Come on!  Let's get this party started!  I'm ready to go to China!  

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Lorrene said...

You must know that camera inside and out. I love that foliage.
As to your trip to China, I think you guys have lived on the edge for so long, waiting, always waiting. You might have trouble coming off of that when the event finally happens.