Monday, November 22, 2010


So, it took all day and most of the evening, but we finally got some snow.  It finally calmed down and stopped about 10pm.  However, it picked up again sometime after 3:30AM because, now, we have more.  Here is the view from 6:50AM.
So, CORA got her wish.  Apparently lower in the valley, from Prosser to the Blue mountains, snow came down even harder.  Schools are closed in that area.  No such luck here.  Our area doesn't close for a skiff of snow, no way, no how!  Which, actually, is a good thing when you are a substitute.  Gives "real" teachers a chance to get "sick" on bad weather days.

Cora would probably like to see a few more inches of snow.  For now, I think we will have to see what the weather gods bring us.


Charissa said...

We seem to ahve a couple inches, YEAH!! Kids are out in it now.

Katie D. said...

You can have our snow! We have probably 4-6 inches and its coming down something fierce!!! We don't do this white stuff on this side of the mountains. Please come and claim it!