Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Day Before Thanksgiving!

Set to work in East Valley, imagine my surprise when I discovered from a friend on Facebook that the district was closed because the buses would not start!  So, I had the day off.  Cora was jealous, obviously.  Still, I tried to make it up to her by buying her lunch at Panda Express...

Though I thought Pandas would cook faster...
 The traffic wasn't bad, but there were a lot of people out!  And, fortunately, they weren't QUITE as stupid as they were the other night.
 And the valley's finest were out, too.  This guy was plowing a road that few use and to top it off, he sat parked for a few doubt enjoying a cup of coffee.
 At least I got a few pictures, even if he didn't get much snow.

I then wandered up the road a ways and took a few pictures.  This one I ran through the paint program...pretty, huh?
 These apples were out the window as I drove by, see how the center is mostly focused, but the edges are blurred?  That was all to do with how I took the shot and no computer shenanigans!  Which begs the question, why weren't these harvested?  Cora could tell you...
 I was a few feet from home when I took this one.  I like the way someone didn't get the memo about whose house would be painted what!  Can you imagine the conversation?  "Honey, I did NOT know the Hendersons were going to choose THAT shade of tan!  I know, it's unfashionable...Yes dear, I'm sorry..."
So, I spent a few hours cleaning.  I did some laundry and dishes and made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich...and then folded clothes...and then took the wife lunch and got a few last minute groceries for tomorrow's dinner...and we talked to the Agency.  We might actually have gotten somewhere!

It seems that our immigration officer marked our homestudy off because, while she had it for a month, she waited that extra day to stamp it bad.  Why?  Well, it turns out that our homestudy expired on the 16th of November.  I know, I feel badly about that, too.  But, she had had it since OCTOBER 13th!   She waited until NOVEMBER 17th to look at it...does that seem petty or is it bad luck?  Me?  I deem that to be petty...and like I said a couple posts ago, OFFICER L. I would LOVE to visit you in your home and tell you all about the finer points of adoption.  Then I would like to take away your favorite possession and replace it with a turd.  Then I want to see how you feel.

On the bright side, our agency seems to have actually DONE something today.  They are apparently working to help us as fast as they can.  I know, I was surprised too!  It might help that we called them a couple times today...-oh, well.  We will get there eventually!

Tomorrow, we get to spend Thanksgiving with my lovely sister, my lovelier niece, and my awesome little nephews...of which there are three to choose from!!!  This should be a good day!  Obviously, I will be taking Precious!!  She served me well today, despite the cold...

Oh, and I got a remote control for my camera!  It is totally awesome.  I have already surprised Cora a few times, but I am waiting to make the best surprise shot possible before I post a shot...also, I really want her to have her clothes on...ok, just kidding.  The first time i tried it the stupid camera had turned off that option because of the amount of time I had to wait for Cora to get into position.  The second time she was out of the frame.  The third time...well, it was good, but it was on a different card and I am lazy.

Look forward to some awesome Thanksgiving Day pictures!  I will be seeing my Niece and Nephews tomorrow and my OTHER favorite Niece on Friday!!  How LUCKY AM I??!!!!

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Totally lucky! You have a drive through at your Panda Supress! (as Dori calls it!)