Wednesday, November 24, 2010

By Request!!

As I have mentioned, I have made great use of the white boards over the years.  Here are just a couple that I have recorded.  This first shows my poor pumpkins and scarecrow under attack by some ninjas and a pet dinosaur that a particular student drew up in response to my placing a sword and dead ninja in the scarecrow's hand.  That because I knew he liked to draw ninjas...guess I deserved it. 
 The Disney movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" came out on DVD recently, so I drew a dragon for one class.
 Another student was getting smart, so I drew a portrait of him.  He settled down and his classmates enjoyed it!
 and finally, a warning:


Kelly said...

I love the last one!

Charissa said...

How could kids not love you! LOL!!
Nice Jim.

I love the last one too-- best hand written penmanship of the name Huffman I've seen. Not to mention a nice looking alligator/crocodile (don't know which).
Though maybe you should have drawn a goatee on him so they knew it was suppose to be you.