Friday, November 19, 2010

Compliments: Keep 'em coming!

I love compliments.  I got one today.  It was from the lunch lady.  I don't think she quite qualifies as a "Lunch Lady," since I am really quite fond of her and don't find her handling food disquieting at all!  She simply works in the cafeteria.  We'll go with that, ok?

Anyway, I walked my class into the lunch room.  I generally circulate a little to say high to the kids I know...and at this school, I know the majority.  I've been subbing there for quite awhile and most of them have had Mr. H at one time or another.  There is one little girl...well, she isn't little anymore, she's in fourth grade...fifth grade, now...anyway, I have, for the past few years tried to sneak up on her and steal her snack.  She almost always has a cold lunch and generally a very nice dessert...which I attempt to steal.  Her friends get in on the action and call her attention to my presence, most of the time...still, they are not the most observant, and I often ALMOST get it!  But, I digress.

The cafeteria lady came up and asked for an update on our adoption.  I get that a lot.  I don't mind.  So, I updated her.  As she was turning away, she said, "You must be a very good teacher."  I asked her why she said that.  She said when I come in kids all over the lunch room try to get my attention and they call out to me.  She intimated that they don't do that for other people.  I was touched.  I knew they did that for me, it's hard to miss a dozen different kids yelling "Mr. HHHHHH!!!!!!" from all parts of the lunch room, however, I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that they did that for many of the teachers.  Apparently not.  I was pleased and happy.

I took Gypsy to the groomer.  Don't thank me, Cora called and made the appointment.  I just dropped her off (Gypsy, not Cora.  Cora is quite capable of bathing herself).  When I picked her up, she was beautiful as ever and smelled considerably better than she did this morning!!