Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans' Day!

I want to thank all the veterans that have served out great country.  As I saw on a bumper sticker yesterday, "All gave some, some gave all."  I thought it was rather apt.  Considering I have attended three Veterans' Day assemblies at three different schools this week, I feel I have given my share of respect to Veterans.  This triple attendance is especially surprising since I am NOT a veteran.  I just got lucky.  I joke, but it was a pleasure to be able to participate in three different assemblies.  Each had the positive effect of educating youth, and reminding the adults that, at the risk of sounding chiche here, freedom is not free.

 I have the day off.  I have several things I need to do.  I need to send some adoption related materials off and  clean a bit.  Should be a good day to have the History Channel on!

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