Sunday, November 21, 2010

SNOW and a Lovely Couple...OK, just the girl.

Cora and I got all prettied up and went to a movie last night.  We also went to dinner.  Dinner was excellent, even though the waiter surprised us before we could even sit with a request for what we would like to drink.  I smoothly answered with "Dos Ekkis," (Because of those most interesting man in the world commercials) but Cora was taken aback and responded with a lame "Diet Pepsi."  She later regained her composure and asked for a beer.  Plus her diet Pepsi was a bit syrupy.  Still, dinner was good and the company was better.

The movie was great!  As was the company.

All week long the weather guessers have been saying we would get snow.  I think they have been hopeful.  Well, this morning I looked out and sure enough there were some flakes in midair.  Look at the picture below and you can see the specks in the foreground...that is snow.  And, yes, that is GREEN grass, for some reason our weather, while not being particularly warm, has apparently not been cold enough to send our grass into dormancy as usual.  Weird.
I think we have a few groceries to pick up in town, but beyond that intend to spend the day home staying warm and working around the house.  I have a painting I want to finish for the girl's room.  A Jungly painting for Chloe.

I can't wait for us to get our change of country approval!  We need to go get that little girl and bring her home!!!

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