Saturday, November 6, 2010


Cora had a hard time sleeping last night.  I must not have slept as soundly as I could have.  Leah didn't exactly sleep during her nap time, either.  We were all three showing signs of sleepiness.  She is down for her nap right now.  She's been here all afternoon and has been a real pleasure to have visit!!  Cora and I will probably wait for tonight to get our sleep, but I imagine it will be an early night.
  We have had lots of fun.  She likes to fly.  I pick her up and we go for a short flight.  We went outside and looked at leaves.  We laid on the floor and investigated toys.  We played music on a tiny piano.  We watched the dog walk by...over and over.  We have just had a bunch of fun (Cora had some fun, too: she changes diapers).  I think we'll keep her.


Lorrene said...

Everybody looks tired. Today has been a tired day for me too. I keep falling asleep.

SpunkyBookworm said...

I hope you guys get some good sleep tonight! This is a good time for Tylenol PM!!! LOL!! She's adorable!

Cora said...

I had fun, she is such a good baby! Can't wait until she is playing with her cousin :)

Anonymous said...

You looked like a natural for being an up coming DAD soon!!! Cora looks the same as being a MOM also. Leah is really a little doll.
Can't wait to see your little Chleo Playing with her cousin Leah
Aunt Carol