Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold Morning

 Cora stepped out the door this morning and showed me the spiderweb that has been outside our front door for the past few months.  It was totally cool!  Or, perhaps, SUPERCOOL is more correct.  Since that is what the water molecules that froze upon it were.  Since it was late-start Monday, I went outside after Cora left and took a few more pictures.
and found this in the doorway of the shed.
And then found our volunteer fern had frozen...
 Then I looked back at the alley behind the house and saw this...I like the mixture of shapes and lines.
 Then I went to work.  I taught music today.  I love it when the teachers use my strengths for both the good of the kids and mine.  (It makes it easier for me when it is something I know backward and forward)  All the kids know me and they know how I can draw, so they were all pleasantly surprised to find Mr. H giving them a combined music/art lesson!  It was fun!

When I got home I began a bit of cleaning and put dinner together.  I decided to take a few more pictures.  And this is what I saw out the front door!


Cora said...

I HEART our neighborhood!!

Lorrene said...

I like that last picture. All cosy and warm inside and outside is a perfect winter scene.
All the pictures are great. Who would think of taking a picture of a spider web and they are pretty too.
I think it might be an omen that my verification word is chines. I hope so.

SpunkyBookworm said...