Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Day Off


As usual, I had a list of things to do for my day off.  I tell you, I am married to a slave-driver.  She doesn’t exactly use a whip, but, I HAVE been accused of being whipped.  That has to mean something, right?  It counts, I’m sure.

So, I was supposed to do some running around.  Then I was to come back and work on the shed so Cora can have better access to a place to store her material. I did!  While I was doing that, I put a tri-tip roast in to smoke.  The temperature outside was fairly cool, and I let it smoke for a couple hours with hickory chips.  Also, I used a rub(…not gonna tell you what it was) and when it was done smoking I put it in the fridge and let it cool. 

Then, when Cora got close to coming in, I put it in the oven.  I also used some of the drippings and some broth and made a nifty gravy to go with the potatoes and carrots.  I made a salad out of romaine lettuce, carrots and feta cheese…yeah, I’m THAT awesome.  Oh, and I also attempted the impossible feat of picking up the dog poop.  (Did you know that picking up dog poop is NOT a favorite pastime of mine? it only happens when we have company or I have to work in the back yard)  I thought I got it all.  I must’ve stepped in it about 24,023 times.  Still, I managed to sweep off the slab, and clean out the dog house.  And I made a pretty good dent on the shed.  It looks good.

I took my camera out a couple times.  I found that getting out early let me catch the leaves with the frost still on them.  Please have a look.  Let me apologize for the obscene number of leaves I have photographed…I guess I am in love with Nature’s Solar Collectors (yeah, that was corny).




I get to teach second graders tomorrow.  Same bunch I’ve taught a couple times.  I like ‘em.  Should be a good send off for the weekend!

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