Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What a Week!

I taught at Wapato Monday.  Music.  I got an e-mail from the teacher thanking me for the notes I leave.  She also noted that she didn't think the doodles I left for her qualified as doodles.  She argued that they were art...OH...SHE's GOOD!  I will sub for her again.

Then, today, I subbed in Selah.  It so happens that our little spat of snow so vexed residents and staff of Selah that they decided they needed an extra two hours to get to work, so they called for a two hour delay.  I did not complain.  However, it messed with the carefully laid plans of one teacher and the day of one sub.  I ended up letting eight kids sit with me through my plan period simply because I was unsure of whether something was going on or not...I DID finally get an updated schedule...shortly after lunch.  During my last block...way to go!!  Thanks for your help!  I managed to figure it out though and everyone lived to greet a new day.

I have a new  fifth-grade fan-base, now, though.  A few simple drawings on a board and suddenly I am their favorite sub...ah, I wield magic spells and don't even know it!  I am the Harry Potter of the White Board!  My marker is my wand!

Apparently that particular teacher enjoys fishing...there were fish all over the classroom.  The kids said i should draw a fish picture for her.  Not being one to pass a chance to befriend a new teacher, I drew an Alumiweld on the white-board trolling.  In the background were local basalt cliffs and a snow-capped mountain in the background.    

Tomorrow, I sub music again, but back in my favorite school.  Where I seem to be the auxiliary music teacher...No complaints here though!  I will have taught in three districts in three days.

Then, tomorrow...well, it's only a half day, but it will be the start of a Thanksgiving weekend that will see me relaxing and loving life.  Even though we are still sleeping all the way through the night and don't have daycare, we will be happy dammit!

Oh, and that picture up there?  That's My Lady Cora, sporting her new do.  Perty, no?


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Very perty!

Charissa said...

Very cute do.

You could have posted a picture of your white board pic so we could see too =).

Looking forward to tomorrow!