Thursday, November 18, 2010

I spend an inordinate amount of time proving that I draw the drawings I draw.  Particularly to kids.  I don't mind.  I enjoy seeing the look on their faces as I whip out a drawing.  I enjoy taking requests.  I took a regular ballpoint pen today and made the following drawings.  The elephant is one I would kinda like to mat and frame...I like it.  For some reason that rough look reminds me of cartoonist sketches.  I used a blue ink pen so the students could tell that I had just used a pen that was on hand.  Later I added the black ink from my reliable papermate.

My class was self-regulating, so I took a little while with one of the T.A.s to show her she could draw, too.  She was adamant that she could not.  I took her step-by-step through how to draw, first, an elephant and, second, a turtle.  She did an admirable job.  Others stood nearby and watched as she copied my movements and instructions.  I enjoy seeing them see what they can do if they try.  

I spoke to the agency today.  I am not sure they have the same sense of urgency that we do.  I get the feeling they don't really mind if we wait another couple months to go get Chloe.  That makes me unhappy.  When I am unhappy, it is harder for me to keep a civil tongue.  I did well keeping my tongue today...but maybe I won't next time...I really do hate those people sometimes.

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